About Me

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Olivia, also known on social media as: BookishWeebOlivia.

I’m Canada based, but I read books from all around the world (as long as there is an english translation)! I love anything related to fantasy/ romance/ LGBTQ+/ historical fiction and of course MANGA! I mostly read in the Young Adult genre, but I really enjoy Adult fiction and have read some lovely recommendations for younger children! My prefered formats are Physical, Ebook or PDF’s!

I created this blog to share my love of reading with other book lovers and to connect with new authors. Through this website, I will be posting about various reviews and recommendations of recently read books. Sometimes there will even be indie author interviews/ Q&A!

I also plan to share new works by up coming authors and share the love. There’s so many wonderful stories out there that’s just waiting to be discovered!

As a full time mature student and has a job, it takes about 1-2 weeks for me to get through a full book and post a review on my social media.

If you think I might be a match for you, check out my social media links or send me a direct message! I usually try to respond to everyone within 24hrs.

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